Hi my name is Marina but most people these days call me Mina. I am starting this Blog for many reasons and I am not all that sure if  IMG_1087I want to be here yet lol if that makes any sense.  Anyways Mina’s journey is about me eating my way back to a healthy weight.  I made a decision this year to begin and reach a goal of a weight loss of 200 lb. My starting weight was 365 lb and now I am at 309 lb. I am doing this with the help of Weight Watchers, family, friends and a awesome group I belong to. I know this is going to be a long hard road but I am not getting any younger. I am madly in love with my husband and want to spend a much healthier longer life. We have been married for almost 5 years and he married me at my heaviest at 388 pounds. If that isn’t love what is ? So thank you for stopping in and meeting me along my paths journey. Here you will find me cooking my way to freedom with recipes I find along the way and adjusting them to fit into my new life style. They will all be put on display to share and help others along with WW points.


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  1. Mina are you doing Points Plus or old program? are your points figured PP or old points. Thanks. I have lost 97 pounds and having trouble getting these last 10 pounds off, so I am looking for new and easy recipes.

    1. Hi Janie, firstly wow a huge congrats on your weight loss, well done. I am doing Points Plus i am only new to this myself. Wow only 10 more to go that is so awesome, you must be so proud because i am proud for you. I have so much to go but hearing success from people like yourself helps me keep on track, i am so glad i met you on this path. Your 10 pounds will come off i have heard many people talk about their last is always the hardest, but you got this =)

        1. Hi Linda, glad to have you along with me. I am happy to hear you love my food, i am really looking forward to adding more and even some of my husbands meals because he is such a awesome cook too.

  2. Hi Mina, I made your Easy Chicken Alfredo last night – it was absolutely delicious! I am anxious to try more of your recipes. I lost over 50 pounds on WW eight years ago now. This past year I have put 7 pounds back on and have been trying (although not real hard)to get them off. I wish you luck with your journey – and look forward to your recipes. Delicious and low points – is a great combination.

    1. Firstly Congratulations on your 50 lbs loss, well done. Don’t worry about the 7 you got this, you know how its done you will do it again =). I am so happy you enjoyed the recipe its one of my families favorites too.Thank you and Good luck on your journey as well we both got this =).

  3. Hi Mina, my name is Brenda, congratulations to your journey. I really like your website and your accomplishments. I have just started my weightloss or healthy eating two days ago. I love your receipes and I might try some. The only thing is I’m cooking for one. My husband can’t eat, my daughter is a fussy eater and my other daughter might try a few. But I definitely will make some and freeze them. I weight 180 at 5 feet and want to loose 30 lbs. I usually use sparkpeople.com to record my food and they have excercises too. Check out their website. You might like it. It’s really easy to use. I don’t always go by their menu so I use my own menu and record the calories. take care

  4. Hi Mina
    I love the recipe ideas you’ve listed here on your blog and I would love to join your journey! Congrats on your accomplishments! Let’s eat ourselves to a healthy weight!

    1. Hi welcome and yes i am. I enjoy reading on connect helps me keep on track and feel no alone. You can find me under mndiddens =)

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