Life has a way at throwing us all  curve balls and some days you get to be a pigeon and others you get to be that poor statue lol I know its hard some days to keep track and some days can turn into a rough week. THAT IS OKAY trust me =) I have been there many times even with all the support I get. It is not wrong to get of track so don’t punish yourself. Instead try to recognize how the situation came about and how maybe we can manage it next time. This is why my  WW meeting are so important to me, there I know I am not alone in how I feel, when I think I have failed. So many of us are scared to speak out because we don’t want to be judged or slapped on the hand. You don’t get that from our WW meetings. We all inspire, share, motivate and most of all we care and understand.WHY? Because we have all been there and done that! If you stumble or fall don’t be afraid to reach out for help to get back up and always do the same for others. I care about every single one of you, that is why I am here and why i share my thoughts, recipes and time. You all matter and in my eyes your winners and every single ones of you are part of my strengths.. Hold strong- your not alone. I am here we are all here together.

Hold Strong – Your Not Alone


Hi my name is Marina but most people these days call me Mina. I am starting this Blog for many reason and I am not all that sure if i want to be here yet lol if that make any sense. Anyways Mina's journey is about me eating my way back to a healthy weight. I made a decision this year to begin and reach a goal of a weight loss of 200 lb. My starting weight was 365 lb and now I am at 327.8 lb. I am doing this with the help of Weight Watchers, family, friends and a awesome group i belong to. So thank you for stopping in and meeting me along my paths journey. Here you will find me cooking my way to freedom with recipes i find along the way and adjusting them to fit into my new life style. They will all be put on display to share to help others along with WW points.

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