Calorie counting; adding up your smart points; weighing, measuring and journaling everything you eat; exercising at the gym, at home or in your spare time; stepping on the scale day in and day out; and still feel like it’s not happening fast enough? Does this sound familiar? If so, you are not alone.

Welcome to my world lately. I hear people reaching a plateau at the close end of their journey at their last few pounds. What the hell is my body problem feels like its rebelling against me and saying enough weight loss for you. I haven’t even reached my half way mark yet.

All I want to do is quit but I don’t want to go back to being heavier. I am still heavy but I can do things like I could not do before. Ever since menopause kicked in on me nothing seems to be going right. I can practically starve myself and nothing comes off, trust me I have tried to no avail. So maybe I thought it was just time to stop so I did.

Last 2 months has been so stressful in trying to sell our home and make the move from Chicago to Arizona that I just didn’t need to deal with my weight issue. Now I am sitting in a rented house waiting for our home to be ready to move into. My scales are packed my sanity is packed with it! My mind is screaming enough I feel like crap. I have made every excuse why I am not keeping on track. Plain and simple I just gave up because it was easier to deal with now.

Well not any more damn it I didn’t come so far and work so damn hard to gain and restart it again. I miss my weight watcher support group from home, it’s not the same here. I know I can do this and I will do this and I am doing this.

It isn’t as easy as I thought getting back on track but it isn’t impossible! I know enough and I want it enough and that’s a start. As I always tell my group your never alone. Just take one day and one step at a time and you got this!

Remember we are only human and this is a journey not a race =) i need to remind myself of this all the time. We need to always look back and see how much we have accomplished along the way not just the last couple of weeks. Stay strong and positive everyone we have got this!


Getting back on Track


Hi my name is Marina but most people these days call me Mina. I am starting this Blog for many reason and I am not all that sure if i want to be here yet lol if that make any sense. Anyways Mina's journey is about me eating my way back to a healthy weight. I made a decision this year to begin and reach a goal of a weight loss of 200 lb. My starting weight was 365 lb and now I am at 327.8 lb. I am doing this with the help of Weight Watchers, family, friends and a awesome group i belong to. So thank you for stopping in and meeting me along my paths journey. Here you will find me cooking my way to freedom with recipes i find along the way and adjusting them to fit into my new life style. They will all be put on display to share to help others along with WW points.

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6 thoughts on “Getting back on Track

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I, like you, moved to a new state. Three years ago we moved from Colorado to West Virginia. I was at goal and reached lifetime. But the move to a new place and everything that goes with that, put my weigh on the back burner. I’m sorry to report that in these three years I have gained 25 pounds. I’m trying to get back on track again, before I gain anymore. But it is so hard. Your post gave me a much needed boast. We can do this

  2. Dear Mina, I’ve been on this journey two different times. I was never heavy until I had my children. My daughter has been obese most of her young adult life. She and I are on program and have been for about one year. My daughter had been on WW a few times. She was over 200 lbs and I was about 35lbs over. She has lost 75 lbs and I have lost 50. It’s not easy not for anyone. We promised each other we wouldn’t give up. When we are on the slippery slope we go right back on it because it’s worth it.

    1. Thank you Gail you words are encouraging and lets me know i am not alone. I think sometimes just because i blog my recipes or thoughts people may expect more from me to do better and that weighs a little on my mind. I started this to help me and many others and now it turns out i need you and others just as much. I think its wonderful that you and your daughter have accomplished so much together that alone makes me want to focus harder. Your right this is worth it!

      1. Mina I’m here for you anytime. I used to work for WW and I care about its members and there struggles. We are all in the same boat. Reach out anytime.

        1. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. The response i am getting from my latest post has made such a impact to my view and spurred me forward. I woke up feeling more focused more determined that i have in weeks. I know ww works, thank you will definitely reach out =)

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